Creative mind.
Strategically driven.
Digital instinct.

A marcom specialist with a lot of experience in brand, advertising, activation and CRM/digital. Up-to-date in technology, innovations and trends. Is pragmatic in approach, takes responsibility and can easily switch between operational and strategic levels. Core values: creative, accessible, commercial and entrepreneurial.

Started in advertising at RSCG and HDM. Worked as a creative at BTL/DM agencies Cato Johnson, Ogilvy & Mather and FCA !, was co-founder of DMB&B Direct and worked as a creative director at Draft Worldwide. Was a co-founder of edividual brand activation in 2001 and sinds 2014 works as an independent business creative for various agencies and companies.


  • Transition from advertising to omni-channel approach
  • Able to translate customer needs into technical and creative ideas that cover this need
  • Experienced in strategy and concept in diverse branches
  • Quickly reaches the core of the issue
  • Straightforward, clear
  • Motivator and team-player
  • Enthusiastic, interested and cheerful
  • Thinks out of the box and builds bridges between disciplines
  • Maintains overview (intern- and externally) and is able to direct partners in a targeted way


Remco Sangers +31(0)6 5384 14 60