Flexfirm has become a sought-after intermediary between agencies, advertisers and creatives. They know everyone in their market and everyone knows them. Their extensive expertise, market expertise and knowledge of permanent and freelance candidates always allows them to serve both the demand and the supply side in the best possible manner. And because they want to keep it that way, the work is not finished once mediation has been completed. Flexfirm remains committed afterwards as well, to allow the relationship between client and the posted creative to flourish to full satisfaction. After all, the aim is not only to bring people together, but also particularly to keep them together. With Flexfirm TV videoblogs we inspire the audience. In these videoblogs Vincent Mispelblom has interesting conversations with people working in marketing and communications. The launch took place through social media. The videoblogs can be seen at the Flexfirm website and appear also in social media.

Client: Flexfirm
Activities: Strategy, concept en design
Website: www.flexfirm.nl

Remco Sangers +31(0)6 5384 14 60 remco@remcosangers.com