WNF-LifeGuard. Take action now

The mission “Take action now” was about WNF-LifeGuards collecting money for wildlife and unique nature reserves. How? By inventing a campaign – alone or with friends – and implementing it. Every Lifeguard could personally decide what he or she would do and on which project the money was to be spent. From collecting bottles for sharks to skating for turtles or organizing a school market for pandas, anything was possible. Through a personal page on the Lifeguard website family and friends could be mobilised to bring in as much money as possible for their own campaign.

Client: WNF-LifeGuard Agency: edividual
Activities: Strategy, concept and creative direction
Website: lifeguard.wnf.nl

Remco Sangers +31(0)6 5384 14 60 remco@remcosangers.com